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Superior Golf Cart Repair  provides the highest quality residential and commercial golf carts and golf cart parts to the Southern California. We also provide fast, reliable sales and service for all major brands of Golf Cars in use today. Whether it’s a small repair, or a major overhaul, Our highly-trained service professionals are a phone call away. We are your golf cart experts” Our highly trained service professionals strive to get the job done right the first time! Whether it’s a small repair or major over haul, we do it all! We provide our customers with accurate repair estimates, speedy service, NO high pressure sales on new and used golf carts. Superior Golf Cart Repair is an  Club Car ,Yamaha, EZ-Go and Power Sport models car.



Our Service Includes:


Electric Cars & Gas Carts Repair


.Braking System – strip, clean and inspect

.Electrical wiring connections Power Supply Charger Repair – security and damage

.Check front wheel alignment and camber (any parts required additional cost)

.Check Batteries – electrolyte levels, operator maintaining batteries to correct levels single point watering system operating OK 

.Pedal group lubrication and adjustment

.General vehicle inspection for loose hardware

.Brake system – strip, clean and inspect

.Front suspension lubrication

.Pedal group lubrication and adjustment

.General vehicle inspection for loose hardware maintenance service
.Check battery water level and fill if necessary
.Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary
.Tighten all battery connections
.Service for Electric Vehicles
.Check battery water level & add distilled water if necessary
.Check and clean battery cables and posts and replace if necessary
.Check front wheel bearings and wheel seals
.Lube front suspension
.Check front end alignment
.Check tire pressure & add air if necessary
.Rotate tires if necessary
.Clean brake shoes & drum and adjust if necessary
.Inspect brake cables
.Inspect differential for any signs of leakage
.Check brake pedal free play and adjust if necessary
.Check electrical connections including motor and tighten if necessary



" Our extensive workshops are supported by factory-trained fitters and fully fitted service vehicles "











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